AC cables for Atmasphere MA1s, MP1?

Does anyone have experience with power cords and Atma MA1s and MP1.

I'm currently using SR Telsa Basiks, which was an "OK let's get this puppy up and running". I'm ready to move ahead with better cables.

So, I'm seeking people with experience with cables for Atma products. I will listen to common suggestions by using the Cable Compan, unless Ralph says 'Use this', which I have not been able to get him to do. I just want to know where to start.

Does the S30 like silver power cables or copper?

I tried siver and copper power cords witm M-60, both were ok. The amps don't care what you use.
Whatever you use, look for good Plugs. I use Oyaide .
There are the main differences (good grip).
Just to revive this thread. I have the M60's and am in need of 2 power cords for them myself. Wondered if you'd tried anything Thotdoc, (or anyone else), in the last few months and what your experiences were?

I use 2 Canorus (PAD) but they are first fed into a Pranawire Linebacker. Excellent results into my M60's.

(Dealer disclaimer)
From what I have read here on the gon, The Stage 3 concepts Kraken power cord is very good, This may be a match for atmasphere?