AC Conditioner thats great for video and bass?

Hi there, I am setting up a friend with a AC conditioner. There is more of an emphasis on video display than sound quality although it is still important (I never thought Id say that)

He is using a pair of Legacy Focus Originals and my old Conrad Johnson MF-200 Amps (200 WPC Biamped to top and bottom). A Hafler 100 Preamp, Decent enough cables, A Apple Computer, a PS3 (He might get a new Marantz UD-5005)

Almost all of what he plays is low resolution off youtube or movies. This isnt all about HI-FI just a good old fashioned rock the house and sound damn good system.

I have just got a Richard Gray 400 coming I am going to try out and was looking at the PS Audio P-500 and Transparent Powerwave 10

As I remember Richard Gray I wasnt the biggest fan of it but it should be very good for video and tightening up the bass in the 12's.

I am looking to stay below $800 at the MOST! This isnt for me. Also Video is the No. 1 Priority, He is already blown away at how good it sounds, I want to make his TV look better so he tells all his friends about the AC conditioner (He's awesome enough to keep a stack of my cards on his rack, now thats a bro)

So in essence it is a way of showing that the stuff I am selling no one has ever heard of WORKS! (Power Conditioner, DAC, Tube gear etc.) and is REALLY COOL! I look at this system as a good chance to break into a lot of friends who I can pitch hopefully... or at least have them tell a friend who tells a friend.

And by the way that system as is isnt the greatest thing ever, But I'll tell you I take some serious pride in this one, It sounds GOOD, Beeter than most setups I hear out there and hes into it for about 4K. I think its just at that nice sweetspot of nothing major just something to tighten things up a bit and make the TV look amazing so he goes off on it (The AC unit), Its easier to convince people they see and hear at the same time.

Oh and for the record it was my first real system I built from the ground up for a friend and it came out SO MUCH better than any of us expected it was awesome. I am proud of this, and want do my best to finish out all perfect, this is going to a good friend.


Sorry got caught up, Its simple, I am looking for a power conditioner that tightens up bass, I have found the following do it very well

PS audio Ultimate Outlet, Equitech's, Richard Gray (With Subs)

I am looking for something that will help with bass but more than anything have the instant video WOW factor...


Well what makes you think that AC conditioner will dictate performance parameters you desire? Even if it does the magnitude will be too small no matter how large you desire to spend.
For bass performance the system needs current and so I said that you'll need AC conditioner that has minimal losses from the power outlet mentioning my dirt-cheap Panamax.
I second Equi=Tech as recommended by Systembuilder. I run my main amp on DIY balanced power, based on an Equi=Tech "Q type" transformer (same as used in their Model Q product line). The improvement in bass performance is immediately noticeable.