Ac cords or power conditioning first?

Curious about that, did members upgrade ac cables or add power conditioning first? I have B&K gear with stock cables and want to upgrade to something in the $100-$200 range per piece. I also have been thinking about conditioning. With air conditioning,dishwasher, dryer etc. running, where do I go first? With my sub I'm looking at about 1300 watts max consumption? Does this sound right?
One more Jp1208. I just got power strip call "Noise Trapper" and I use it as audio dedicated line. Is this as isolated power line?

Thanks for your input
Harmonic transients are going to pass through a power strip. Usually will not stop ground loop like a transformer can. If you can afford power regulation or regeneration with a good isolation transformer then go that route but I think for the money these Tripp-Lites are a good buy. I also have a Kleen-Line isolation/regulation transformer that I use on the T.V. and cable box etc..
Side note: I have two JL Audio F113's and they are plugged directly into the wall of course.
dedicated ac with good receptacles first.....depending on your equipment then try some power cords and do conditioning last if needed. get as many dedicated ac as you can get. for whats it worth I have 4 dedicated 20 amp circuits and they made the most difference in my system. also don`t forget room treatments the second most important next to dedicated ac.