AC hum

Had a Mini split ac unit installed, because a new line was installed in the panel I had to have a full home surge protector installed at the box( now code). Now I have ac hum through the speakers in both of my systems. Other than having the house re-grounded, is there any device I can plug into the wall socket to get rid of the noise? Any assistance would be appreciated.


This is from a post williewonka made. Hope this is okay.

turns out - all that was required is a slight "repositioning"  to a couple of the wires in the breaker panel.
-  the electrician had repositioned a couple of breakers and those live wires ran parallel to (and was touching)  the neutral wire of the cable run for my dedicated audio outlet
- He just moved the wires to put a little more space between them 
- the hum disappeared.

Regards - Steve

I would not attempt to solve this with a new device. As @skids wrote, I’d ask your electrician to check things. Not only could it be something as simple/stupid as wiring getting moved, but there might have been something new that needs to be fixed in the panel, or the house service, like a loose neutral in the panel, etc.

Also, congrats on the whole house protector. :)

One  thing to test is to turn the breaker to your new heat pump off and see if that affects the hum.  If it does not, chances are something else got moved, possibly accidentally.  For instance, your neutral to your stereo might have been loose before and the electrician could have just nudged it. So, really, don't try to solve this as an audiophile issue.  Solve it as a potentially bad electrical issue.

If all else fails an AC regenerator is the answer, but expensive.  As mentioned, probably better (and cheaper} to solve the problem at the source with an electrician, but a regenerator does improve the sound even where no hum existed.