ACA...Amp Camp Amp...anyone built one?

I'm very interested in the latest V 1.6 as monos/w balanced option.

Anyone here have listening experience with the last version. Any Thoughts? Thanks.
I have absolutely have no need for a setup exactly as you describe, but I still think about building a pair. 
You should know that Audiogon doesn’t really have to many folks that are into Diy,most are just plug and play types.
Anyhow I did build a couple of the first series camp amps with great results,I’ve also built the F5 and I had for a brief time a diy Sony sit amp that was push pull.
The new kits for the camp amps built as mono’s look very interesting especially for the sound you probably will get for the money.

After 40yrs of modding and building gear,I have no desire to try one,besides a Lyngdorf 2170 all in one allowed me to step off the amp,preamp,dac merrygorounds and stop chasing that dragon.

I do still tinker with speaker mods and computer digital front end though.

If the camp amps are your first project of this type,I couldn’t think of anything else easier and more satisfying.

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I built one of the first ones and found it very nice but somewhat underpowered...the new one can be built as a monoblock with two amp modules which brings the output into double figures. I use it with some 85dB bookshelf speakers and it sounds great running almost full pelt and very hot...easy to listen to and just about powerful enough for a small room system. I am contemplating building some high efficiency speakers to see what difference that makes but no rush to do that as the regular setup is so good. You can also use it with Nelsons B1 active buffer for a Pass purist system. Things that you have braved solder burns in assembling always sound better I think.......hail the placebo effect!