Acapella vs. Avantgarde

I currently run a Cary CD-306, Cary SLP-05 preamp, and Cary 805AE monoblocks with a pair of ProAc D38's (see system). The combination is sweet and involving, but the combo just does not boogie when asked to play a large orchestral piece, by Mahler/Wagner/Shostakovich. When the volume is turned up, dynamics are poor and the system starts to sound compressed. I suspect that the 50W Cary's simply does not have enough guts to drive the ProAc's, so I am considering replacing them with a more efficient speaker. Since most SET afficionadoes love horns, this led me to look into Avantgarde and Acapella.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Avantgarde is available through a dealer here, but he does not have any in stock. The Acapella dealer is in Sydney (a plane flight away). I am looking to spend A$30,000 - which will buy a nice Avantgarde Duo, or a secondhand Acapella High Violon.

I have read plenty about the dynamics of the Avantgardes, but my concern is if they have horn coloration. Also, how do they image? Are they sensitive to room placement?

Would the Acapella High Violon's be a better buy, considering the pair I can potentially get my hands on have been heavily discounted? I have read that Acapella's suffer from disjointed sound because of the three different driver technologies (plasma tweeter, horn mids, conventional woofer). How much is this a problem? And are there any room placement issues? Given that the Acapella's have lower sensitivity (91 dB/W/m) would I be achieving a real upgrade by moving from the ProAc's?

Great impressions you posted. I'm wondering though, you're spending this much on speakers and are still willing to compromise integration/coherence in your own "smaller" listening room and you are willing to sacrifice an overly tall soundstage, too?

Maybe if the Acapellas dont wow you, perhaps it's time to look at what else the industry has to offer.
Ambfib- you do not have to be a "believer" to hear profound differences between the factory supplied jumpers and after market cables. It is not subtle. It sounds like the dealer did not show the speakers off to anywhere near their capablity. I think you would be astounded if they are set up well. (And I say this, not as an advocate just for the Avantgardes vs. the Acapellas or any other brand, but simply because I have experienced the differences as I have changed out wire, repositioned the speakers, played with the woofer tuning, added acoustic treatment to my room, experimented with different combinations of preamp/amp and long/short wire configurations, as well as brands of wire).
I cannot give you any insight into the real world experience with Uno or its variants- I have none.
3m is about the shortest listening distance you can hope for, and it will take PRECISE tilt adjustments at that.

This is based on your listening seat height. The closer you are, the less forgiving this adjustment is, due to the spacing between drivers.

Also, I've never found a room that cares whether you have UNOs or DUOs. The requirements are virtually interchangeable.

Since the DUOs are significantly better, I'd go for them if possible, maybe even used, over UNOs (which are good, but there's a reason 8 DUOs sold for every UNO).
Hornguys, what are the main sonic differences between the Uno's and the Duo's? The dealer does not have a set of Uno's, so if I want them i'll have to order them out of sight. The specs say that the diameter of each horn is 70cm less which would help a lot in getting them to fit in my room.

Joey_v, at the moment I am renting and looking to buy a nice house in Melbourne. Don't know if you have been here, but the closer you want to live to the city, the smaller the houses are! It's only out in the 'burbs where you can get a decent sized house. So in short, I don't know how big my next listening room is going to be.
Well, my friend Jacek came last night and he shared with me his knowledge, based on the fact that he owns Acapella Violins and have heard many AG, including my UNOs.

He agreed that the top end of the Accapelas is unbeatable, as well as the overall tonal palette and involving presentaton, on the other hand - he said that the speed, bass impact and midrange purity of the AG (UNOs in this case) were a tad better than the Acapellas.

Hope this additional piece of information helps you out, or any potential AG/Acapella buyer