Accuphase c2410

Hello to all audio fans

I was wondering if anyone convert japanese 

Made accuphase c2410 100v to 120v without 

Step-down transformer. 



Someone probably could. Commercially it might cost more than a transformer and then you end up with a modified unit.

What you need is a provider search engine to find out if it is practical.

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I don’t think there is any way to reduce the voltage without a transformer of some sort and is it 50 or 60 cycle.  Japan still uses both.

I have spent hours researching this in the past.  My recollection, at least on some of their integrateds, was it was surprisingly simple, though not well documented.  Involved switching some wires or jumpers inside the chassis.  I did find, but no longer have the link, persons who provided instructions with pictures. While I felt confident in my ability to perform, I was still reticent. Happy hunting, google is your friend.

Thanks for your respond. 

As you said I've been searching for long time and I found a picture which is shows 

How to convert, but unfortunately it wasn't enough information and instructions. 

I tried to find the source to get help.

Anyway I am still searching for it.

By the way I really appreciate of you good people who tried to help.