Accuphase dac 60


New guy posting here, lurking for awhile. I have a new Accuphase e380 integrated and love it. Thinking of getting the dac 60 card that goes with it. Thoughts, opinions please. Right now I have a ps audio digital link iii dac that is still going strong. What can I expect from a new modern dac?


not sure if this is the correct place to post this. TIA…



I don’t know if the above manual helps. On the last page are some voltage figures on my e380 integrated.

Since Accuphase apparently designs their devices for the same voltage whether balanced or unbalanced, you might try the unbalanced output from the PS Audio DAC for closer comparison. 

Are the optical and coaxial digital inputs two different sources?

Also, how is your Sub connected?



I see that the “preamp section output voltage “ is 1.23v. Since the DAC 60 is placed into this circuit I’m don’t know if it just utilizes this for voltage gain. If so 1.23is pretty low. Speculation for certain.


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The unanswered question is does the Accuphase DAC 60 card have an independent output voltage or is it totally reliant on the preamplifier output voltage of the integrated amplifier?