Accuphase E-460 or Bryston BP26 / 4Bsst2

Finally I saved money for new Amplifier (gave up of two year
vacations). I have Fritzspeakers Carbon 7 speakers which
I like much. Warm sound, deep bass so I was thinking to
upgrade from NAD C275/C165 with new amplifier. I've listened my speakers with Bryston BP26/4Bsst2 and sound was great,
actually I should say totally new sound. Much better bass and airy highs. Speakers sounded like a floorstandings. Even the
salesman who was not familiar with Carbon 7 asked me to leave
speakers for two days in the store. Then he wired speakers
to Accuphase E-308 and that sound was best sound I ever heard. I even asked to buy E-308 but it was not for sale,
they used Accuphase for demoing Harbets and Proacs. I was
told that new E-460 should be perfect match for my speakers.
Is anybody familiar with new Accuphase E-460 and how it
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I can tell you from my experience, I lived in Japan for 7 years in the late 80's to early 90s and was a frequent visitor to the Pro audio stores there and the electonic district of Akihabara. The thing about Accuphase is that these amps are still hand made in Japan and this is a rarety, therefore, they are of the finest build quality. Almost every pro Audio store featured these as a test Amp for other componentry and speakers. These Amps are only matched by the best on earth. I've never heard anything that sounded better. If you can afford the Accuphase, personaly, I would do it.
I would also go for the Accuphase if I were in your shoes. Make sure you listen to everything before spending your hard saved cash.
Accuphase by a mile. But you really need to choose which one sounds best to you. Because ultimately, you're the one who's gotta live with it.
I am just planning to get the Carbon 7's, for a second system. It is good to hear how much you enjoy them. I have this perenial problem of trying to separate Luxman and Accuphase. They are both Japanese, make large high quality integrated amps and look the same, other than colour.

I know it's been discussed before, but can anyone describe how they might sound different. I would be going for the 100 watt area, Class A/B amps, for either brand, to drive the Carbon 7's.