Accuphase E-5000 factory power cord good enough?

I have Accuphase E5000 plugged into my Equitech son of q jr. balanced power supply. Sounds great and I have had the Equitech for a good 15 years now. Everything is dead quiet, not even a hiss coming from the system. Just started thinking about power cords and if it is worth it, I’m in the U.S., if that matters. Thanks

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this...


I hate to bring this up, but in my experience a fuse upgrade results in greater sound benefit than a power cable upgrade. The fuse is the bottleneck of the unit. Open up that bottleneck results in a much more noticeable improvement than the kind of power cable used. Anyway, that's all based on my experience in the house of stereo. Here is the journey I followed at improving sound:

1. Built a soundproof listening room.

2. Installed acoustic treatment.

3. Buying / selling audio equipment until I found the right sound to my ears.

4. Used isolation on every component.

5. Upgraded all cables, interconnect, power, speakers.

6. Upgraded fuses.

In the end, the least noticeable sound improvement was my power cables. Granted I live on the outskirt of a small town of 5,000 people with underground power lines offering a very stable feed. Additionally the house of stereo has a completely separate power feed from the main house. Those are likely major factors contributing to my experience. I have zero doubt that power cables can be beneficial upgrades since there are many respected audiophiles who enjoy excellent results. So many ways to skin a cat. It all comes down on how you choose to go at it. Enjoy the journey.

Suggest focusing on cables that are in the sound path. The good folks at Accuphase surely would not supply an inadequate cord to feed electricity to the transformers…long before an audio signal is involved. 

Accuphase is a high-end company that I believe would not put a substandard cord on their product. You may hear a difference with other cords, but is it worth the cost or aggravation? Good luck with your experimenting adventure.

Until you get someone to assist so as to not deal with confirmation bias, you'll not know that there is no difference. Cables of all sorts are the biggest cash cow for the companies that make them. Profits through the roof.