Accuphase E-560 versus VAC Sigma 160i

Hello all. For those who have heard both of these fine integrated amplifiers, would you please briefly compare/contrast their sonic signatures? Please note, I am not asking for specific recommendations, simply listening impressions of each.

Many Thanks!

I did personally speak with Kevin Hayes at VAC last week. A very pleasant and informative fellow. Not pushy and wished me well in my integrated amp auditions/searches and he hoped to be welcoming me to the VAC family soon. Don't hesitate to call him.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments regarding your experiences with VAC gear. I've spoken with a couple of other owners and they echo your impressions.
Thanks for the coments about Kevin and about the 160i as well. I have actually heard nothing but good things about Kevin. And to be honest, my second email to him might of been rather pedestrian and more sales related, but I was also curious about a past integrated and how it would compare to the 160i.

I hope to try to hear the 160i somewhere this winter... I will give the accuphase dealer a second try also.
One more post in praise of Kevin, VAC and the 160i. I took a client to the RMAF last year and into 1 of the 2 rooms where VAC was present. He was so impressed with the the 160i that with a bit of my help, HE BOUGHT THE ENTIRE ROOM!! VAC's 160i demo room from the RMAF last year now resides in his basement. He is ridiculously pleased.

I have owned VAC products for over 10 years now and don't anticipate ever changing. Their support is unmatched, IMO and their midranges are as good as it gets. Bulletproof construction, amazing sound, incredible support - what more could anyone realistically expect? You can do a lot worse than a VAC 160i, and at its price-point, it is very doubtful you can exceed, or even match it, no matter how hard you look. Kevin is also one of the truly "good guys" in high-end audio and I am proud to call him a friend.
Guys - great thread. I'm wondering if the 160i could drive my Magico S5's in a big room (45 x 15 with 12 foot ceilings). I love VAC gear. My friend brought his VAC 100/100 over (he paid $1500 for it) and I was beyond impressed. I'm sorry to say, it bettered my Classe CAM600's by a country mile.

I have also heard the Accuphase e-560 and it was excellent. Love the look. The build quality is amazing too.

But once I heard VAC, I can't get that sound out of my head. Sooooooo musical.

Hello All. Although it was a VERY tough choice, I finally went with the Accuphase E-560 because it is more
feature-laden and better suited to my system configuration.
Having said that, I feel that the VAC Sigma 160i is one of top two or three best sounding integrated amplifiers, along with the E-560.
IMHO, one really cannot go wrong with either choice.

Happy Listening!