Accuphase E-560 versus VAC Sigma 160i

Hello all. For those who have heard both of these fine integrated amplifiers, would you please briefly compare/contrast their sonic signatures? Please note, I am not asking for specific recommendations, simply listening impressions of each.

Many Thanks!
Guys - great thread. I'm wondering if the 160i could drive my Magico S5's in a big room (45 x 15 with 12 foot ceilings). I love VAC gear. My friend brought his VAC 100/100 over (he paid $1500 for it) and I was beyond impressed. I'm sorry to say, it bettered my Classe CAM600's by a country mile.

I have also heard the Accuphase e-560 and it was excellent. Love the look. The build quality is amazing too.

But once I heard VAC, I can't get that sound out of my head. Sooooooo musical.

Hello All. Although it was a VERY tough choice, I finally went with the Accuphase E-560 because it is more
feature-laden and better suited to my system configuration.
Having said that, I feel that the VAC Sigma 160i is one of top two or three best sounding integrated amplifiers, along with the E-560.
IMHO, one really cannot go wrong with either choice.

Happy Listening!
Mbovaird - I would shoot Kevin an e-mail with your question.
TM - what's the rest of your system?

Great comments and insight from everyone. The Accuphase E-560 certainly looks interesting as well.I'm also wondering about the Gamut DI150 that looks great and is supposed to sound excellent. Powerful,detailed, transparent and ultra-fast is what I'm reading about the Gamut integrated.

So for now it's the following integrateds up for serious consideration:

VAC Sigma 160i
Accuphase E-560
Gamut DI 150
Ayre AX-5
My vote..

Tube :
VAC Sigma 160i
Jadis i35 or DA88

SS Class-A :
Accuphase E600 (although I prefer analog meters of old E560)
Vitus SIA025
Dartzeel CTH8550

All mighty fine and musical integrated, worth a listen/compare prior to pulling the trigger. Goodluck.