Accuphase e202 hissing sound on right chanel.

I have the e202 that his on right chanel even when use as preamp. Please help, what should I do first. I live in CA OC.
Put your right foot in,put your right foot out and you do the hooky pookey! Maybe rub your belly and pat your head at the same time!
That is a fairly old unit. I wouldn't be surprised if you have some caps that need to be replaced. Time to find a techie who can check it out for you.
truongthanhtam hey man- I sold you an sweet ADCOM 585 a while back... how is every thing going?
If you wanted a little more clean pure sound I have another ADCOM 5800 A LITTLE BEEFER!
I will sell it to you for $700.00 & I will split the shipping with you!~
truongthanhtam let me know if you are interested in building a better system to get redd of any thing that is wrong when your old system-!