Accuphase Experiences

In my search for a new amp I recently a look at Accuphase. I’ve watch numerous demonstration videos to get a sense of their sound characteristics and I find them very appealing especially when directly compared to Luxman and MacIntosh. They tend to be on the slightly warm side of neutral with a very life like beautiful mid range, a smooth extended treble and a tight but not overwhelming bass. In fact bass is the only region where they are a light but not by much and only in comparison to other amps that excel in this range. But the area they excel for me is soundstage. It’s very wide and depth is very good but not like tubes. Also instrument separation is excellent . The whole presentation appears real and expansive. I liked it so much I’m going to drive 90 minutes to a dealer that has several models to demo. Hopefully next week. I really want to hear the P-4600 amp and the e4000 integrated. 

So has anyone had any experiences with Accuphase?  I would love to hear you opinions and experiences. 


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My experience with Accuphase (E800, A48) is that they are ”polite” and uninvolving.

I have done a lot of comparisons in our audio get togethers 

vs Amcintosh, Luxman, Accuphase Boulder

this i280 AAvic integrated amplifier .

class D that is designed and built in Denmark to the highest standards 

and notonlyhasmorepower ,much much more blacker back grounds 

but just sounds more natural and youcan hear everything in the recording and still

have a nice natural warmth , they have theI180, under $$8k these are all integrated  amps . The I280,around $10 k retail , and theI 580 which is closer to$20 k all models over 300 wpc into 8 ohms much higher into 4 ohms .

they use tons of technology having many Tesla coils to lower the noise floor . Just

check out the reviews , then check out the technologies.  You will not walk away 

without being impressed , forget class D  .you won’t get the pretty meters but you will get excellent sound reproduction That will beat the competition. I was a  skeptic 

but not any more .

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While videos are not the same as in person, you can still compare the sound between amps on the same channel provided the mic is the same. I have been doing it for years with 100% success in terms of identifying pieces I want to demo. It has never failed me.

Accuphase class A amps are the best I have heard to date, for my taste. Seems they do have a long break in period. Everyone in my circle owns Accuphase gear. Our local dealer recently picked up the line as well. Being connected to a dealer affords us the opportunity to hear a wide range of brands over many years. 

@jfrmusic Good for you. Enjoy!

This is a video from the SWAF in Dallas, this past weekend. Many Accuphase components, including the AC-6 cartridge. The first 2 songs are from the Accuphase 770 SACD. The third song at the end is analog. There amp is the A-80.


I have an Accuphase 380 integrated. In my system, the bass is not polite. This is in comparison to my Pass 250 and Hegal 390. I find the sound to be very natural and engaging. Build quality is second to none, IMO.