Accuphase Experiences

In my search for a new amp I recently a look at Accuphase. I’ve watch numerous demonstration videos to get a sense of their sound characteristics and I find them very appealing especially when directly compared to Luxman and MacIntosh. They tend to be on the slightly warm side of neutral with a very life like beautiful mid range, a smooth extended treble and a tight but not overwhelming bass. In fact bass is the only region where they are a light but not by much and only in comparison to other amps that excel in this range. But the area they excel for me is soundstage. It’s very wide and depth is very good but not like tubes. Also instrument separation is excellent . The whole presentation appears real and expansive. I liked it so much I’m going to drive 90 minutes to a dealer that has several models to demo. Hopefully next week. I really want to hear the P-4600 amp and the e4000 integrated. 

So has anyone had any experiences with Accuphase?  I would love to hear you opinions and experiences. 


In our audio group we have heard mst everything 

the latest from Denmark AAvic i280 forexample under $10 k integrated and much more detailed refined and musical then Accuphase, Luxman , pass labs, McIntosh  And  others and it’s class D . 300wpc into 8 ohms night and day much blacker back ground and many technologies unseen before and no peer at its price point.

totally a revelation just haw far digital has come , I know of No class D That is better sounding as well as the class A AB above ,read the reviews. Then go listen.

@vassilis_t ...Thanks for posting an example of the German Physiks' drivers. although the cabinets beneath look like cr*p.... *imho*

I've been messin' 'bout with diy'ng Walsh drivers for over a decade and enjoy what they accomplish, even from my hands with crude means....

Yes, they're omnis'..... so is Life. ;)

@asvjerry: Hi- I posted for the Accuphase gear which was fantastic. The A-80 amplifier, the phono and cartridge certainly compete with 2, maybe 3 times the price of competitive products. I am very impressed with the Accuphase A-80. Working with the Unicorns, it did not use more than 200 w/ch. Regarding, the Unicorns are unique on how they look and in their design. Maybe the best single driver speaker or at least one of the top 3. The paradox is that all women that have seen them, they love them. hahaha

@vassilis_t , *G* Yeah, 20wpc ought to be sufficient.....@ 200, you're skating close to the old Ohm formula "Sounds great @ 200, RUD @201...."
I'm driving mine @ 20ish and play loud enough to satisfy after they break in (Yup, just like any others...).

My spouse loved my ESS amt drivers until a pair of Maggies' joined the, she's got a new fav that are less 'ignorable' in our 'living space'.

Go figure....