Accuphase Experiences

In my search for a new amp I recently a look at Accuphase. I’ve watch numerous demonstration videos to get a sense of their sound characteristics and I find them very appealing especially when directly compared to Luxman and MacIntosh. They tend to be on the slightly warm side of neutral with a very life like beautiful mid range, a smooth extended treble and a tight but not overwhelming bass. In fact bass is the only region where they are a light but not by much and only in comparison to other amps that excel in this range. But the area they excel for me is soundstage. It’s very wide and depth is very good but not like tubes. Also instrument separation is excellent . The whole presentation appears real and expansive. I liked it so much I’m going to drive 90 minutes to a dealer that has several models to demo. Hopefully next week. I really want to hear the P-4600 amp and the e4000 integrated. 

So has anyone had any experiences with Accuphase?  I would love to hear you opinions and experiences. 



The only  consistent criticism of the Accuphase products sound is the while the upper and mid base is excellent the lower bass lacks impact. Did you find this to be true?  I will be testing this when I audition the P-4600 on Wednesday. 

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@jfrmusic : This is NOT true at all for the equipment I have tried and own (A-80, C-47, SACD 770 and AC-6 cartridge). On the contrary, with the above equipment, it is world class bass. The speakers I have tested the A-80 with are B&W 801 Matrix S3, Wilson Benesch Discovery II, Yamaha NS-5000, German Physiks Unicorn and German Physiks PQS-302.

Never heard the P-4600, thus I have no opinion. It should be good. Make sure the preamp and source are up to the task. However, the new line up is significantly improved over past generations. 

@jfrmusic Try to listen to the A-80. It will drive most speakers, even though it is only 60 W/ch.



Thanks. The dealer will be using an Accuphase preamp, a Chord DAC and Harbeth Speakers. The A-80 is too big and heavy for my needs. Plus I prefer the A/AB line with more power.