Accuphase, Modwright, Mark Levinson, Aesthetix, etc.-integrated amp's phono stages?

Greetings-I am researching a possible upgrade to a more powerful integrated amplifier. My spacial needs benefit from the use of an integrated amp with a built-in phono stage. I am aware "the sky's the limit" regarding the quality of stand alone phono preamp options, and wish I had the room for additional boxes, but I don't.
I am considering:
-Accuphase E-480 with card slot loading phono preamp-Mark Levinson 585.5 or 5805-Modwright KWH 225i with card slot loading phono preamp
-Aesthetix Mimas with card slot loading phono preamp-McIntosh MA8900-Luxman L-509X

I'd appreciate any insight from experienced owners of these integrated amplifiers regarding their built-in phono preamps. It appears from their web sites that the Modwright and Mark Levinson options both provide some user adjustment options in the phono stages.
If you have particular knowledge with any of these integrated amps, I'd appreciate learning about your listening experience.
Thank you
Aesthetix offers phono card of MC and MM and also DAC card
have not heard the phono but I do own Aesthetix Atlas and Pallene the Pallene is the preamp from the MIMASĀ 
Aesthetix is just great gear a step aboveĀ 

Enjoy the Music