Accuphase Power Amps

I'm interested in buying one of the following:-
Accuphase A-35 or Accuphase P-4200
Does anyone out there own or have heard either of these components. I've heard good things and of course one is Class A and one Class A/B so there will be merits with one over the other. I listen to mostly classical music and own the Accuphase C2420 Pre and DP-510 CD Player. I can't run to the more money components higher up the ladder but evidently these are special for what they are unless anyone has any negatives.
Well, that's interesting you have that preamp, which is a Hell of a preamp by the way, because Accuphase demo-ed that with the P-4200 amp at the last CES in January. I think the cd player was the bottom of the line sacd player. Anyway, the sound was superb, honestly. I don't think you can go wrong with it. It came highly recommended from the VP of Accuphase himself. From what he was telling me, I believe he owns the C2420 and the P-4200.
It depends on the speakers you have and how loud you like to listen to music. What speakers do you have?
Good question. However, the P-4200 should be able to drive most speakers out there, I'd say.
Hi Dave, we do not know his/her speakers and listening habits. The P-4200 may be overkill.

When it comes to choosing between Accuphase class A and A/B amps the situation is quite simple. While the class A amps sound a bit better than the class A/B amps, IMO one can not be happy with a class A amp if it is constantly clipping. Therefore, one should buy a class A amp if:

1) has efficient speakers
2) listens music to not very high volume levels
3) does not listen mostly to large orchestras and/or large big bands (i.e. music styles that have large dynamic variations)