Accuphase Tuner

I have 'AT' equipment and Hales T-8 speakers. I have had a solid state Mcintosh tuner and a Magnum Dynalab 106T (tube) tuner and really loved the Dynalab and liked the McIntosh very much. (had sold both) I decided to get back into the tuner market (on a budget now) and purchased an Accuphase T-109 sold state tuner in perfect condition for only $1,200! Does anyone have any thoughts on the sonics--dynamics of this tuner. (It sure looks pretty).
Thank you.
Here's some info from the website:

Accuphase T-109 (1993-99, $3,300, photo) search eBay
Accuphase T-109V (1999-present, photo) search eBay
Users of the T-109, another very high-priced digital tuner, have differences of opinion almost as extreme as Sumo Charlie users. Although we know of one respected audiophile who thinks the T-109 sounds like a "cheap pocket radio" (perhaps his was out of alignment), several contributors say the T-109 and its redesigned successor, the T-109V, are among the best-sounding digitals. The T-109 and T-109V both use a pulse count detector like several top Kenwood tuners and, when properly aligned, are sensitive and highly selective. There seem to have been different versions of the T-109V, one with a balanced mixer and one without (and perhaps other differences as well). The current Orion Bluebook adds to the confusion by listing the T-109V as a 2003 model tuner ($2,200 list), even though the first T-109V apparently came out in 1999 and was listed in an older edition of the Bluebook. See how one T-109 and one T-109V sounded compared to other top tuners on our Shootouts page, and read our panelist David "A"'s Ricochet on the T-109V. A T-109 sold for $1,200 on eBay in 1/03, and the only T-109V we've ever seen offered on eBay in the U.S. sold for $2,247 in 12/04 (one sold for 2,210 Euros, or $2,700, on eBay-Germany in 2/04). The two tuners' specs (which are identical) are available at the Accuphase site, which also has a wonderfully detailed writeup on the T-109V. [DA][JR]
it sounds as if you have already purchased it- perhaps you could post your thoughts on the sonics in your system, as compared to your previous tuners- would be interesting...