Accuphase Vs Parasound

Hi guys! I’m considering purchasing a used E-560 for USD 4000 to drive my Elac Adante AS-61 (85dB) . Im quite new to this hobby, so I’m hoping to be able to get some advice from more experienced listeners here on this. Do share your thoughts. Thank you 🙏

Just some background, before I saw the E-560 on the used market, I was planning to go for Parasound Hint 6 or Parasound P6 pre and perhaps A21 / A21+ (that’s apparently coming out in a couple of months). Right now I’m just using a Yamaha Aventage rx-a1060 AVR so it’s not ideal for music listening.

The Parasound Halo line is very very good equipment.  My JC1's go toe to toe with the best of the best.
I agree with the people who've said the Accuphase is in a different class altogether than the Parasound, I've listened to lots of models of both manufacturers and found they are both excellent choices at their price points.
I bought a pre-owned Yamaha A-S1000 for my future son-in-law, and that high-end Yamaha equipment is very very good as well.
I agree with Andrew Jones.

I would recommend the Accuphase E 470 or the other less expensive class A/B integrated amps in that series for these speakers. The previous generation of Accuphase would be ok also.

Sometimes it pays to wait for the best. 
I am a big fan of Parasound, and the amp is a great starting point. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

The P6 however is not all that either as a pre or DAC. The P7 is a much better Pre, and the Parasound integrated has a better DAC.

Thanks everyone for your responses. 

@erik_squires isn't the DAC on the P6 the same as the one on the parasound integrated?