Accurate and revealing subwoofer

Hello, new to home audio, I would need some help to spot an accurate / revealing /  dynamic subwoofer under $1500. It would pair a JL audio Dominion D110.

It has to be less powerfull because the room side to fill with is quite difficult with some bass frequency accumulation at the ceiling level. I am applying some room correction though with Roon's DSP engine.

Here is a short list by now:

  • REL HT (1003 ou 1205, yes, I am avoiding passive radiators)
  • M&K V10 or V10+
  • Dynaudio 9s
  • Genelec 7050C

any other sub experimented in this category ? or should I stick to the exact same Dominion?

Context :
- living in Europe
- 30 m2 room (200 inch, L shape)
- Davis Acoustics Courbet 5 speaker (down to 50hz, bright, high and mid ranges detailed)



Try and get rythmik f12se’s if possible at your location.  Servo technology with the incorporation of a piesoelectric sensor is the most advanced technology that’s come out for subwoofers in my honest opinion.  It even is more advanced than velodyn, however they would be a close second best abiet much more expensive price.

I’ve a pair of Rhythmic F12SE used with single driver Voxativ Ampeggio speakers. Front end is Revox A810 RTR and Dr. Feickert TT with Ikeda and Dynavector MC cartridges. Integration was easy and the results are detailed and musical. The Rhythmic F12s don’t thump playing either jazz or R&B.