Accustic Arts Silver Line RCA,Inrerconnect burn in

Hi, greetings from Croatia.
Yesterday I installed a brand new interconnect Accustic Arts Silver Line RCA, 1.5 m, unbalanced (handmade Germany) between the preamp and mono blocks (both have tubes) and I am very disappointed. Or am I expecting too much?
The difference can be heard but I'm not sure that's an improvement.
Anybody have experience with these cables?
Do I have to keep my nerves and wait (200-300 hours) to adapt the cables into my hi-fi system?
Welcome advice from experienced audiophiles.
Thanks, Damir.
200-300 hours will adapt your hearing to the new cables. Give the new cables a few days then go back to your old cables. Sometimes there is a more noticable difference when going back.
Thanks for the advice.
Anyway, for now I have no other options.
That's what I hear now, I do not like it. Maybe just because it's different.
Looks like I'm used to the old sound and change the sound bothers me. I paid for it dearly but no joy: (
However, it is still too early to make decisions.