Ack dAck! Is it updatable?

I have an old ack dAck probably the original model. Never used it much as I have always spun records. With advances with digital media I'm curious again. 

Could the ack be updated to play the high res formats of today? I would run it off a media player or PC via it's coax connection then rca to my amp. I want to try Tidal and it's lossless files.

I remember it was analogue sounding but my vinyl setup crushed it so I never went that route

Would it be cost effective and or worth the trouble?

The Ack dAck was interesting for its time.  I enjoyed it in my system for awhile.  Very natural sounding.  Did some things right.  Ultimately, however, I thought it was a bit too polite. 

Here's a link to Ack!Industries contact page.  They may have upgraded their newer offerings to play high resolution music.  You may want to ask them.  Here's their contact page: