Acoustic Curtain for listening area

Hello all ....I'm polling everyone who can recommend a super heavy duty non reflective curtain for the left side of my listening area which opens up into a large open space / dining room and reflects ....Seems like all the stuff on Amazon/eBay is cheap Ikea crap....any help appreciated . Thanks 


12 FT Width

7.5 Height



Before you spend a lot of money, why don't you try hanging some differing materials.

Say, start with a large bed sheet, move on to a blanket/duvet. Then an area rug.

Each one will display differing reflective/absorptive characteristics. I think you will not only be surprised, but end up learning things you that will allow you to make a 'better' decision.




yes good point , did a bit of that last month , very good advice to follow . Thanks ! 

yes good point , did a bit of that last month , very good advice to follow . Thanks ! 

@tommypenngotti  , reading this got me to thinking that my listening room might benefit from treating the left & right perimeters.  After you conducted the above experiment, what conclusions did you arrive at?


I just threw up a blanket over a beam that goes across my living room listening area and it blocked/absorbed a bunch of I'm going with treating both sides , haven't decided on right side because it's a wall ...more likely to throw up some absorption panels there ....

Prepping a room is no small expense.  I haven't seen any spectral absorption curves on any of these sites.  That is what it's all about isn't it?  Curtains face a tough challenge for room effects midbass and below.  Solid panels need to be suspended from the wall about 4".  Manufacturers supply acoustic studies, but oddly this most important parameter has not been addressed.  No secrets or snake oil here.  Review Armstrong's products and Acoustimac Eco-core particularly before anyone else takes the plunge.