Acoustic Guitar on Vinyl

Can anyone recommend some decent acoustic guitar on vinyl? it seems a little hard when doing search on the vinyl web stores. Much appreciated.




Olde School - any of the earlier Paul Simon, James Taylor, or Cat Stevens works - on "vinyl"...some of the cuts that did not get a lot of air time are great acoustic tracks.  This era...the go to for me would be Tommy Emannuel - does it all ...really cutting edge would be Michael one of Tommy & Michael playing together is out of this world. 

I'll reiterate Julian Bream and Carlos Montoya for classical, plus add Narciso Yepes and Christopher Parkening to that list.

Don't forget about the country guys like Roy Clark, Jerry Reed, and Buck Owens.  I would even add Dan Tyminski of AKUS fame as a great acoustic guitarist.

I spent 2 years doing the same search and the answer turned out to Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live and Friday night in San Francisco