Acoustic Signature Turntables

Has anyone else experienced any problems with their Acoustic Signature turntable? In particular, I have had major issues regarding the Alpha power supply and related customer support and so just thought I'd look into these problems more widely.

Thanks for your input
Hi Dgob,

The new replacement Boston Audio Mat2 came in a few days ago. After testing the Mat1, SAEC SS-300 mat, Audio Technica AT-600 Ceramic TT Mat and the Mat2, I still hold to my impressions posted earlier. The Mat2 manages to accomplish a more balanced sound, which means that the lower frequencies are in proportion to the mid-range and the higher frequencies. The Audio Technica mat comes in close, but it sounds a bit thin by comparison.

Now, between the Mat2 and the Silencer platter. In each case, the Acoustic Signature Grip MKII was used with a 2mm thick O-ring. The AS Silcencer platter has much more extension at both ends of the audio frequency. The bass is deeper with more definition and power with the Silencer platter. The highs tend to be a tad cleaner with the Mat2.

I paid very close attention to the mid-range. I used Diana Krall records since I've been to one of her concerts. Singing live, she has a more powerful and effortless voice than what her records portray. Her voice pitch definition with the Silencer mat was spot on. Her voice has more presence as well with the Silencer platter. I woudln't say more forward, but just more air and definition. With the Mat2 her voice has a bit less dimensionality.

I still say that the Mat2 is the best mat out of all the mats I own. The fact that with the Silencer platter there is more power, detail and presence is quite a pleasant surprise. If you'll be using a mat, then I highly recommend the Mat2.

I first decided to try out as many mats as I could for my own personal education. I wanted to know how important the record/platter/mat interface was in analogue playback. During 3+ years trying quite a few, I had no idea that the best record interface is the Silencer platter/Grip MKII clamp combo.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I tried the Silencer platter with no mat in the early days after I got the Mambo, but I did not use a reflex clamp with it. I also tried the Silencer platter with the Basis Audio reflex clamp and the Michell reflex clamp. The Silencer platter/Grip MKII clamp pair is what really brings the power, speed, definition and solidity of the bass and the rest of the goodies I mentioned above.


Hi Isanchez,

Great stuff and I know what you mean about the greater presence: almost an etched quality at times. Funny to think that on AS turntables (with Silencer platters), the best mat might be a 1.9mm or 2.0mm vitton O-ring!:~)

Just a thought but if you can find the Jeweltone Crystal Stabilzer it might be worth comparing that with the Grip in the same set up. I think the slight differences that I hear most here relate to 'staging' and 'midrange' and I think this gives the Jeweltone set up that teeny bit more concerning presence and "actually being t/here".


Acoustic Signature is really back in business!

I contacted Acoustic Signature asking them where I can get replacement belts for my Mambo. After two years, the belt seemed still fine, but I thought it was time to replace it. I got a response the same day. During this process, I had emails contact with both Gunther and Otto.

Even thought this was just a simple belt inquiry, I got as much attention as if I was asking to buy a turntable! Overall, I'm very glad that they are offering top-notch customer service to match their top-notch turntables.


Thanks Isanchez,

That is excellent news and I hope others experience the same level of support.



Isanchez. What belt do you have. I have silk thread as supplied with my Final Tool and notice AS TTs on their site have something else. Mike