Acoustic Signature Turntables

Has anyone else experienced any problems with their Acoustic Signature turntable? In particular, I have had major issues regarding the Alpha power supply and related customer support and so just thought I'd look into these problems more widely.

Thanks for your input
Thanks Isanchez,

That is excellent news and I hope others experience the same level of support.



Isanchez. What belt do you have. I have silk thread as supplied with my Final Tool and notice AS TTs on their site have something else. Mike

I have the rubber square-section belt. It's the same one as the one included with the Mambo. I'm not sure about this, but I think all AS turntables now ship with the square-section belt. The motor pulley I have on the Mambo has a groove that fits the rubber belt.


All turntables produceded since end of 2002 come with a square rubber belt and a pully with the right groove for this belt.