Acoustic Signature Turntables

Has anyone else experienced any problems with their Acoustic Signature turntable? In particular, I have had major issues regarding the Alpha power supply and related customer support and so just thought I'd look into these problems more widely.

Thanks for your input
I am considering a Mambo. What do you guys think would be a good choice for a tonearm? Should I step up to the MK III and go with a lesser arm or a better arm and Mambo?
Go for the Mambo with better arm. It is agreat table. I used to own one and miss some of its qualities.

I had a triplanar on mine and it worked great, but arm should really be chosen in the context of the cartridge.
My recommendation is that you go for the Mambo and a good tonearm. I agree with Aoliviero, You should match a cartridge to the tonearm.

The Mambo is a fantastic turntable and it deserves to be paired with the best components. I've gotten excellent results with the Dyna combo.



I agree. Best tonearm/cartridge match that you can find. The Mambo (and you) deserves it.


Dear Otto,
You promised me to return a money for Manfred XL version and as compensation send me linings of antiresonances and two spare belts. I got nothing until now. Tell me, please, when??