Acoustic Signature Turntables

Has anyone else experienced any problems with their Acoustic Signature turntable? In particular, I have had major issues regarding the Alpha power supply and related customer support and so just thought I'd look into these problems more widely.

Thanks for your input

I agree. Best tonearm/cartridge match that you can find. The Mambo (and you) deserves it.


Dear Otto,
You promised me to return a money for Manfred XL version and as compensation send me linings of antiresonances and two spare belts. I got nothing until now. Tell me, please, when??
I have had a very bad customer service experience with Gunther of Acoustic Signature. The power supply stopped working, I contacted him on Jan 21st, he said he would arrange for shipping back to Germany for repair. It was finally picked up on Feb 18th, there was some confusion the day after it was picked up, UPS called and said there was paper work needing completion, I had to supply the value of the power supply. I should have contacted Gunther and asked him what to do but prior to this he had been very slow to respond to emails, said he was away in Japan. I told UPS the value was $800 and sent Gunther an email telling him this and asking if he was arranging for shipment, why didn’t he take care of everything. His reply was "this will complicate things, $800 will cost a lot of import duty, we will see what happens". That was the last I heard from him until I contacted the new US distributor (KT Audio Imports) on April 1st. That week Gunther sent me an email saying “your Alpha is on the way back to you, shipped by German mail”. I have sent him emails since then and received no response. And of course I never received the power supply. I have a great turntable but no way to use it.

Did you seek to contact Otto? My experience was similar to yours with the Alpha but once I got a new one I have not had any problems and it is performing like an angel (touch wood).

Maybe Aramis2007 can give you another positive perspective following his above complaint!?

All the best and do let us know how it works out
Yes my first inquiry was to the email address Otto gave in his reply to this post back on 12-22-08. But Gunther replied and all further correspondence was with him. If I had given UPS a much lower value things may have worked out. The circumstances were that the power supply was picked up at my wife’s office for convenience purposes. The day of or a day after pick up UPS called her wanting the value of the item shipped. She called me at work and I was busy, didn’t think and just guessed what the power supply might cost and said $800. Should have said $100. I’ve since found out from Tom at KT Audio Imports a new power supply will cost me considerably more. The sad part is Tom told me he could have repaired it right here in Anaheim CA. Gunther never even asked me to send him any money. In his first email he quoted an estimate for shipping and repairs. If he had sent a message stating that he had to pay import duty when the power supply was delivered to him, and it was delivered since the tracking indicated that, I would have paid the duty plus repair and shipping cost. Also in my second message to him I mentioned I was interested in a second arm base, and he replied with some details about that. So I really don’t understand why he just disappeared and didn’t send back the power supply, either repaired or unrepaired. I’d be thrilled to get it back unrepaired.