Acoustic Signature Turntables

Has anyone else experienced any problems with their Acoustic Signature turntable? In particular, I have had major issues regarding the Alpha power supply and related customer support and so just thought I'd look into these problems more widely.

Thanks for your input
Dgob you're right and I have felt all along that it should be returned to me for a reasonable cost of repair and shipping. Or if it isn't repaired just send it back as is. Its possible Gunther hasn't received any of my emails. After the first or second one sent to him he mentioned my emails were going into his trash. One of my reasons for contributing to this thread is my hope he or Otto will notice this discussion and get in touch with me.
I first posted in this thread 1.5 years ago, and I can't believe it's still active. I ultimately received very good service from Otto, although I must caution that there are a couple of addresses used by Acoustic Signature, and they are very particular about which one you send items to be repaired to because it affects their import duties. That issue aside, it seems at best incongruous that a company making some of the best turntables around (the very best for the money?) is plagued by such service issues.
Klinerm, I agree they are very very good tables. I will continue to use mine even if I have to buy a new power supply. Do you know how I can contact Otto? I really want to purchase a second armboard but am nervous about sending money for one. Heck, I probably can't get in touch with them anyway given the many emails sent with no response lately.
Sorry, no additional ideas come to mind. I never tried phoning them, although i guess that would be an option. Otto was very responsive to emails about a year ago, seemed to want to undo all the bad p.r. Gunter had generated. Hope they can eventually get it all together, for everyone's sake. Good luck.
Thanks for the kind words. I'm on vacation for two weeks so don't need to think about it, and I've gotten used to listening to digital over the last 5 months. Expect to buy a new power supply before the end of the year if necessary. The money could have gone to a second arm base which is what bothers me the most. But, so it goes.