Acoustic Suspension sound in 2020?

I really like the sound of the 1960's-1970's acoustic suspension speakers owning a pair of AR-11's.

For a second installation, two questions for you folks who know far more than I--
- First, what if any new speakers have a similar sound?
- Second, any thoughts on KLH 5 and 6 vs. Large Advents vs. AR-3/11 and/or others?

Budget--I'll figure out later...if ideas are expensive, why not have a lust list to go with the purchase short list???!!!

Thanks very much!


Thanks for this thread guys. What about using AR3a's other vintage acoustic suspension speakers in a 5.1 system with Rythmik sealed and/or GR Research (Danny Richie) open baffle subs? But if yes, what to do for a CC speaker?

There are a couple of sealed bass omnis, the Avantage audio César from France, though maybe not available that widely, has a 10” sealer bass driver firing down at a deflector cone and a pair of smaller, opposed, wide range drivers run unfiltered firing at back to back cones further up, all in sealed enclosures, though said enclosures don’t seem particularly inert to the touch. I’ve heard a pair and there was a lot to like.

The other is German Physiks with their Ohme Walsh, if that’s how it’s spelt, derived cones mated with sealed bass units, except for the unicorn which is a horn rear loaded single driver.

I think the Fern and Roby Raven two full ranger is sealed.

Manger from Germany make some sealed floor standers.


Audionote UK K series but they’re not that big.



teo_audio wrote, "Acoustic suspension is still the finest in overall bass quality and lowest distortion. Caveat: If properly done."

teo, I think if you ever heard good horn loaded bass you might change that opinion.


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Horns are for Elk.

Once again, this guy lets us in on how clueless he really is…