Acoustic Zen Absolute or Audience Au24e?

I was wondering if anyone here has compared AZ Absolute speaker cables and ICs to the Audience Au24e line? I am currently using AZ Matrix Ref II and Silver Ref II ICs and the Hologram II speaker cables but have been thinking an upgrade may be in order with the purchase of my new reference preamp. I would be looking to upgrade at used prices and the Au24e would be somewhat less outlay vs. the Absolutes but price is not the major consideration. I would like more resolution and detail, a lower noise floor and a neutral balance while being musical.
No experience with the AZ cables but with Harmonic Tech which are a similar line.

I can't really say 'more' without comparing to what you have now, but the AU24e cables excel in resolution and detail and are are neutral leaning on cool in the midbass and Bass...but snappy. Clean, Articulate, tight. I would call them 'musical' with high detail and resolution as compared to silver cables I have tried that I would call high detail and resolution but etched.
Thanks for the response on Au24e. That was my impression too when I heard them in an all Tron/Horning reference system - they did nothing wrong and the sound was very clear, neutral and musical. It's always hard to know whether its the cables or other components contributing to the sound though when it isn't your own system.

With my current AZ cabling I don't feel the sound is quite neutral and at times I hear a bit of grain. I guess Au24e is a logical upgrade unless someone else thinks the AZ Absolutes are worth the extra money. Also I love the fact that Au24e are very thin and manageable.
I used Hologram II + Silver RefII, replaced them with AZ Absolute. Different league as some Audiogoners say. Absolute is much smoother, fuller, cleaner, bigger soundstage.....