Acoustic Zen Adagio- information request

Hi, I ran across a pair of these fairly close to me. All of the reviews I read were more than 10 years old. Does anyone have experience with these speakers? I’m interested in how they sound at low volume and overall perception.

My room is 10.5’ x 14.5’ x 8’. Carpeted floor and no current treatments. I have a Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 that I use to stream Spotify and Tidal. I also have a Brennan B2 that I use as a music server for ripped FLACs. I’m looking to replace my Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1s


I have a pair in a smaller room (10 X 11 X 8 ft) and they sound great at low volume. I do have a sub, but it is not needed with the transmission line in the Adagios. 

The current amp I'm using is an Ekco integrated with KT88s, with about 25 watts in triode, and it sounds great. I talked to Robert Lee and he suggested an EL34 tube amp. I used to have a Jolida EL34 amp and it sounded good. I also used a 300B, 9WPC amp, and it sounded really good. 

Personally, I like tubes better.

Yes, I had these for a number of years - bought new from Robert Lee - and loved them. Your Lyngdorf should be a good match for them and they really do shine even at low volumes. Fantastic presentation and really crystal clarity. They pinpointed as well as any speaker out their at their size and price. 

Ran them with a variety of SS and tube gear and they agreed with all of them. 

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