Acoustic Zen Crescendo or Sony SS-AR1

Has anyone compared the Acoustic Zen Crescendo speaker to the new Flagship Sony SS-AR1 speaker? Does the Sony have the potential to dethrone the Crescendo as the best budget full range speaker under $ 30K?
I agree with Kal. There are a lot of great speakers under 30k. Many of which I think are better performers than the Crescendo. That being said, I heard the Sony SS-AR1s, and was so impressed, that I'm very seriously considering buying them. They are beautifully crafted, and sonically didn't really have any flaws that I could detect. I thought that they held their own against dynaudio temptations which cost 50% more.
I have heard the Acoustic Zen's at several shows, there is no consensus that I know of that puts these speakers as the product to beat under $30k, there are people who like the sound and the speaker does put out a lot of clean deep bass.

I had a pair of Adagios good speaker but not that great.

For $20-$30k you could get a Rahdio, a pair of the superb Usher BE 10 or 20, KEF 207, the Revel Salons, and any of these speakers are similarly priced to the Acoustic Zens and are far better speakers.

I haven't heard the Sony's I think they are a bit much for what you are getting for the money, but I am sure they are musical as hell, great driver compliment.

I am waiting to hear the new KEF Blade, which offers truly revolutionary technology, proprietary drivers, and an elegant footprint for $30k there were many people talking about this speaker, and it may be the one to beat at that price point.
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