Acoustic Zen Silver Ref. II vs Absolute IC's

I currently run the Silver Ref. II interconnects. Wondering if anyone has experience switching to the Absolute IC's?
What were the benefits and/or sonic differences?
I started using Acoustic Zen IC and speaker cables about 3 years ago. Started with AZ Silver Ref and ended up with the Absolute IC. Basically getting lower bass, increased mid/high frequency resolution and increased 3 D soundstage. Absolute no-brainer to upgrade to the Absolute series. Previously used the AQ Sky interconnect, the AZ Absolute just killed it!

Did the same with their speaker cables. Started with their Double-barrel to replace an AQ CV-8 speaker cables and eventually ended up with a special Absolute bi-wire version. Just killer cables for the price. Very similar experience, increase in low frequency extension, better mid-hi frequency resolution and killer soundstage. You could have them at a reasonable price on the Gon.

They are a true value in high-end audio and will be keepers for life for me. That's how good they are!
See review below:
Thanks for the info Dasign. Looks like I'm on the hunt for Zen Absolute cabling.
I really with Zen would have a trade up program.