Acquiring an awesome system, but how?

At this point I am making some changes to my system that may raise eyebrows as have in the past. But it's my money and my ears so here goes.
If one was to count all the makers of high end stuff and multiply by how many pieces will be included to create a system one would get the statistics of possibilities of combinations. I bet it's as high as our deficit, did I have to bring that up?
Well it mind as well be infinite because no one can even approach a fraction of all the possibilities.
I still haven't picked up an atma-sphere mp-1 preamp, so every now and then I look at the forum and see some suggestions for preamps to see if something comes up with raving reviews.
Well most of us know it's mostly synergy that makes a system excellent.
I thought the experienced goners can shed some light and offer suggestions as to what will make lasting purchases.
On my end I was amazed at how good the atma-sphere m60 sounded while it was running, now it is on hold till some things get resolved and so now I am back to the sim w-5 and it still satisfies. But I would like to do some more comparative listening, because the atmas sounded so good. I have no intentions of letting go of the atma's by the way.
I am still after the mbl sound and will be experimenting with some non-mainstream designs. I have some good ideas that will take time to bring to fruition.
But as for the reason for the thread, please share with us what systems made the biggest impressions and how one achieved them without breaking the bank?
Please include what systems sounded the best to you.
Blindjim "I believe that there are really only 3 different types of sonic reproduction given the level of many of the listed systems here on the pages of AudioGon , and those to which most subscribe to attain. Hmmm that’s pretty good! Yes siree!

Oooh, now that’s special!! No question.

And then there’s "Oh, My God! That’s amazing!"

The latter response, has been what I have grown used to hearing from those who have come to listen.

I have Always wanted a system, where I am in the middle of the room, with speakers all around me.

After many years I have reached my goal.

P.S Audio GCA-500,PCA-2/HCPS in front at 4ohms.
Statement power cords,Statement I.C.'s, speaker cable, power conditioners.
too much to list, it works.

With 4 separate Stereo Amplifiers, plus 2 powered subwoofers, and 18 separate speakers.

Because the sound is from 8 different locations around me,
the sound just "is", basically 2 separate systems looped as
one in Stereo, with no processors at all.

There is simply no substitute for 2kw.+ of power.

Synergy, Control,Extreme Dynamic Headroom,Balance.

"REAL" Musical Instruments, have a "BIG SOUND!"

Listen to your neighbors Steinway Concert Grand Piano
sometime, and then try to reproduce that same "Dynamics",
the Piano plays on your Audio System.

Generally 2 speakers will not cut it.Without driving them hard,then it is obvious where the only 2 places in the room where music is playing,straining to fill the room.IMHO.

The 18" and 15" subs. help reproduce the lower octaves of
the piano.

Active 4 each 15" Drivers and 4 each 12" along with 4 each 8"-6.5" drivers, for the
meat and potatoes of the music. Tractrix Horns for the
Natural sound of the Human Voice, and all horn instruments.

Done right, all the speakers literally vanish! It's funny,
people always get up, and walk up to the speakers and put
their ear up to the drivers, to hear if it is "on"? They
smile, and just look around the room saying..."OH my...!"

Then they ask, "how far can the music be heard, if I turned
up the volume?"

I shake my head, with a smile, saying "I don't know, but,
if I turn up the volume much, crockery and glassware damage,
is a given."

I know I do Not own the "Best of the Best", but it IS,
The Most Satisfying Listening Experience Ever! For me in my Life.
I used the below site for a rough estimate, and then,
just followed my ears.


When I listen to music, I think of Mel Brooks in the "History Of The World" when He say's "It's good to be King!"

Except I am NO King, and I am so thankful to be able to
enjoy Music at This Level.

Enjoy the Music!



OMG... now, that is amazing!
the easiest way to achieve an awesome listening experience is to acquire master analog tapes and a decent tape deck. the rest of the stereo system, will be secondary.

in fact a set of headphones is all that is necessary to achieve a very statisfactory listening experience with master tapes.

of course, finding master tapes is not easy.
Bjpd57a1, I would like to see pictures of your listening room, sounds interesting.