active room nuetralizer???

I am curious about this new product,and am a big fan of acoustical treatment .When i added room treatment my system really opened up and my low end also became much tighter.I am just wondering if the experts have any input,my first thought is for applications not allowing panels.Yes i know there are a million tweeks ,good ,bad and placebo.I have no affilaition so lets hear your opinions.

Bybee Active Room Neutralizer
I did not want to post it in the first part of the thread .I have zero affiliation and didn’t want it percieved that way ..

It is listed here as a new product....powered...

Bag End has a unit that has been reviewed and works as expected, plus Bag End has a very good rep:

Other cool alternatives are to get some Klipsch corner horn speaker cabinets and fill them with fiberglass, stick them in a corner. They work wonders, and can hold plants and lights on top. :D ;D :D

The Bag End units DO work but they are kind of limited in only taking on a couple of room modes. The most comprehensive solution is corner bass traps plus careful EQ.



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I saw this and was curious.
I am exploring options on my ht room .GIK has done very well for me in my 2:2 room,but my ht room is pretty big with high ceilings bringing alot of slap echo. I will more then likey run some of the big 7" thick traps high (17’ ) along my timberframe main beam,along with traps and other panels on the walls . I guess I was as usual curious about a product like this in an audio applicaton limited to little or no panels.I am aware of the many room treating options,but my knowledge is limited on this type
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The thing about items like this is they are kind of limited in application, and require their own care/feeding and power. Given that you live off-grid I wouldn't want to be adding to your power draw any more than you already have. :) OTOH If you were in a small recording studio this type of device would work really well as you probably have 2 primary modes that you absolutely must kill.

What I mean by "limited" is they are tuned to a couple of room modes. They don't just eat all resonances equally. A "neater" (as in less messy) fix is bass traps plus EQ, multiple subs, or bass traps that are built into the walls themselves.


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I wasn't really leaning towards an app for me.we hear so many times about people not having the ability to use room treatment.And was just curious about there real world effects. as for my ht room slap echo is my foe...

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