Actual Lead Time on Tekton Speakers

Hi All-

I've had a pair Tekton speakers and a sub on order since the last week of February. When I placed the order they said they were running 8-10 weeks for shipment. I knew at the time that these were made to order and that there was a substantial lead time, so I'm not complaining. But I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve...

Can anyone who has recently received their speakers tell me how long it was from order to shipping? 


Who are you talking to? Me? But if I never asked for anything right away! I only asked for strightforwardness. Save the sermons with me, thanks.
Many high end companies are dealing with unprecedented demand coupled with component and logistic nightmares. For some it's getting critical parts, for others it's labor. One well known US company has plenty of product but is having trouble sourcing boxes.

I believe this will peak and start moving back towards normal soon. But as far as I can tell, the peak hasn't arrived yet.

I think with Tekton it's mostly the massive popularity that they are currently enjoying which actually may kill them if they don't learn to manage it properly. I've seen it before in this industry.
You are not wrong to have grievances, but the state of the world today is a massive challenge for production.  Manufacturers are struggling to meet deadlines because their suppliers are also failing to meat deadlines.  During the post-COVID adjustment period, I would give any manufacturer the benefit of the doubt that they are doing everything they can to get the product out in a timely fashion.  With as many moving parts as manufacturers have in this industry, all it takes is a single company to have production issues or extremely high demand to cause major delays.
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If you are able to formulate such a convincing explanation, why aren’t they at Tekton?