Actual Lead Time on Tekton Speakers

Hi All-

I've had a pair Tekton speakers and a sub on order since the last week of February. When I placed the order they said they were running 8-10 weeks for shipment. I knew at the time that these were made to order and that there was a substantial lead time, so I'm not complaining. But I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve...

Can anyone who has recently received their speakers tell me how long it was from order to shipping? 


It always comes down to is a company operating in the best interests of you the customer or not. If they are, at minimum apologies will be offered for broken promises and they will always strive to provide timely accurate information when asked.  It’s all in how you treat people especially when things are not going well. 
I don't think anyone has said anything out of line, but the reality is that the world has changed and is completely unpredictable right now.  I have no vested interest in Tekton - in fact, they are a competitor - but I do hope clients can understand that these manufacturers are clients as well and when their suppliers break promises or expected delivery, it creates a chain reaction that cannot be avoided.  Nobody wants an ETA of TBA so expected deliveries are still suggested.  

Every company I've worked with has hit major speedbumps somewhere that have caused delays and in some cases a paradigm shift in how the business operates in the here and now.  Even the current state of international shipping has caused delays for me as we try to navigate logical delivery times with massively increased costs that are being completely absorbed by distributors and dealers.

It's a tough world and everyone I know is simply trying to find their way through and retain some sense of normalcy with operations.
With supply chains in such an unpredictable state, manufacturers don’t know when the will receive parts or sub assemblies and so the “guess,” sometimes optimistically.  A dealer said that some gear that normally arrived in a week or two after ordering is now taking three to six months.

There are some manufacturers that were notorious for delays even before the pandemic, and Teton happened to be one such company.  It was something one had to accept in order to get such a bargain product (no dealer or distributor inventory means lower cost, but a wait because the product is built after an order is placed and there could be a backlog of orders).  
I own a headphone amp that took 18 months to arrive after I paid the full amount.  It was a hot product at that time and the backlog of orders was enormous.  I did not worry that much because other buyers were getting their amps; it was just taking an extremely long time.  The only good source of information on delays came from a headphone forum, the manufacturer’s communications meant nothing.  It was a good thing that the amp was worth the wait.