Actual listening experience with Devore and wolf Von langa

Has anyone heard Wolf Von Langa son and Devore o96?


just asking for opinions not whether one is better than the other.


what are your thoughts?


I've heard both speakers and like both very much all things being equal I'd go with the WvL because I just love the sound of field coil drivers.

That said the 096 is no slouch and I could very happily live with it. I'd say going on memory it's a bit warmer and richer sounding where as the WvL is a bit more lively.

One thing I left out the Devore was driven by Shindo gear and WvL by Tron tubed gear that might also account for a bit of the difference that part is hard to say.

I see, I am leaning towards Devore after talking to the guy at the music room.


my listening room is 28x17 and he said it might be questionable as far as filling the room. I recently sold Devore o93 and it was fine I just think the o96 will be better

I would think the 096 would fill a room that size just fine it's a pretty large speaker and can play quite loudly. And if you had the 093 you have a great idea of what that sound will be. Not sure where you're located but WvL has been pretty active at recent audio shows if you can get to one I'd say check them out. I've become a big fan of field coils over the years I just don't have the space for them!