Adcom GFP 750: why spend more?

After reading all the rave reviews since the late 90's I finally caved in and bought a second hand need to say more, it is quite an amazingly transparent gear and smoked my VTL 5.5 in the area of transparency, neutrality and bass control....and with my tube DAC, I do not need more tube magic in my system.
I am wondering what can be gained by spending more all the way to 20 times more to buy an active SS or tube preamp that will induce some coloration at best. In other words, when the almost ideal absence of coloration is available with balanced in-out, remote, balance control, HT by-pass and pre-out, when is more needed, really? Please educate me on the benefits of "more" when less is likely more in the world of I missing something?
VTL 5.5 was noisy to start with and had a veil that the Adcom does not. It may be a question of synergy but in my system the Adcom in pasive smoked it. And I was not.
I'm trying to trouble shoot which component (or the room) is responsible for more volume occasionally coming from one channel. To compensate, I have to move the balance contgrol to either a 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock position. Has anyone ever had trouble that can be traced to the GFP 750?
Have you tried to change your listening position back and forth say 3 feet...every foot, check for balance...had same issue with my former room which was partially open on one side and at some reflection corresponding point, there was a balance shift...nothing too do with system in my case.