Add streamer with quality sound to system for Tidal and portable drive

I want to add a streamer to my system, I am currently using a Dell laptop with a decent USB cable.

Will I be satisfied with a Node 2 streaming Tidal and plugging in a portable drive? I want to control from my phone. I don't need multi room access.

This is my equipment in terms of expectations: 

  • Rogue 99 pre amp

  • Rouge Ares phono pre amp

  • Rogue m180 monoblocks

  • SOTA Saphhire III

  • Dynavector DV-20X

  • Rega Saturn CD

  • Linear Power Supply for DAC

  • Brooklyn DAC

  • Vandersteen 2CE

  • Vandesteen 2W subs x2

I agree it was a great idea to have an onboard dac for those who do not have one.
I also really like I can output spdif to my main rig and toslink to another rig.
 I use a 50ft toslink to send signal to my second system. Saved me buying a node!
Think i"m going to try a Node 2 into my system....

would anyone suggest an upgraded power cord?
I am very happy with my Node 2 sound quality. It seems to lose connection via WiFi, which doesn’t occur with wired LAN connection. May just be my home network. It is a keeper for streaming internet radio (eventually adding Spotify). It is also my backup Roon endpoint for playing NAS-stored music. Well worth its cost for what it does.
I use a Nordost power cord on my Vault2.

Not that many options out there for figure eight ends that I found.

Course somebody will know better I hope and chime in.
I've used this

for almost 2 years now, 1st with my mydac and then with my node2. Never compared with any other cords including stock but very satisfied. Also bought a c7 to IEC adapter from ebay <~$3 (shipped from GB) to use with any IEC but never had to try it.