Adding a Dac and Stresmer

Looking for some advice and need you guys to check my thinking…
I have a PrimaLuna Preamp and Amplifier…..need a Dac and streamer….Being I have a preamp to my thinking I don’t need a Dac that has a preamp and volume, am I thinking right? The speakers are Klipsch Heritage so I think I should get a mellow sounding Dac, maybe a Denifrips Pontus with the Auralic Aries G1.1…..would be happy with a $5000 budget…


If you don't mind the used market, you can't go wrong with the naim ndx streamer dac combo for under 2 grand. Has a nice app for android too. Pretty versatile and easy to use. 

I really like my Hifi Rose 150b. Streaming Qobuz the sound is very good. Check out the reviews.

In your budget a combo streamer/DAC has some great choices. 5k will land you well.

Consider amongst many..

Lumin new or used

Brooklyn bridge

PS DirectStream DAC used

HiFi rose touted up above

Buy good Ethernet cables and hold off on learning about signal in optimization.

Aurender streamers/DAC are excellent but will not work with Roon You may find you go that route too. Many do. Qobuz has a free thirty day trail.. others too