Adding a Dac and Stresmer

Looking for some advice and need you guys to check my thinking…
I have a PrimaLuna Preamp and Amplifier…..need a Dac and streamer….Being I have a preamp to my thinking I don’t need a Dac that has a preamp and volume, am I thinking right? The speakers are Klipsch Heritage so I think I should get a mellow sounding Dac, maybe a Denifrips Pontus with the Auralic Aries G1.1…..would be happy with a $5000 budget…


I have to be honest. I did not know anything about streamers and dad's. My first system consisted of ML ESL !! A's and a Linn streamer. The system has expanded but the streamed is still in play. It has the ability to act as a streamer/amp, a streamer/pre amp, or just as a line source. I am very happy with this streamer


I seem to be heading down a similar path as yourself. Can I ask what I2S cables you are using (assuming that I2S is your choice) at the moment? What else have you considered? 

Thanks in advance! 

@soix   This is the exact digital front end I am using, Innuos Pulse Mini to Iris to Pontus II via I2S.  The Pulse Mini running the Sense app was a big step up from the Roon Nucleus I was using as a streamer with Roon even though I am a big fan of Roon. I also have a Keces P3 LPS powering the Pulse Mini.  Very resolving and hard to beat for the total cost I believe (especially used).  My next step is to install the Denafrips firmware upgrade for the Pontus II that is supposed to be another improvement in performance.

@tom2441 Nice!!!  Did you notice a big upgrade adding the LPS?  I know it’s a big upgrade for the Zen Mini but you’re the first I’ve heard who’s added one to the Pulse Mini so very curious about your impressions.  Careful with the Pontus upgrade — some say it adds detail but sacrifices some of the warmth they liked while others really liked it and not sure if you can switch back after the upgrade.  FWIW. 

If you can find one used, I would highly recommend the MSB Analog DAC and Power Base with their renderer.  It is a great DAC/streamer and fantastic 3D soundstage.  I upgraded to that from a Naim NDX which was also a nice DAC/streamer, but not in the same league as the MSB Analog.