Adding a Herron VTSP 3A/360 Preamplifier to the system.

The new (new to me) Herron Audio VTSP 3A/360 Preamp will arrive Friday the fifth. Very much looking forward to it's arrival.

Beautifully built, and should sound that way as well.

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Just sent my 360 back to Keith for the "reference" upgrade.  I have had all his preamps and the 360 ESP (soon to be reference) are really special.  It's my end point with the M2 mono blocks.

Gentlemen, I am totally transfixed by how music sounds here at home now. I guess my snap decision was a good one, actually way beyond good. It's brought my system to what I was hoping for all along.

It only took me 50 years, but I'm sure happy now.

I played a Telarc CD of Ronnie Earl "Beyond The Blue Door" last night, and played it twice. 

Music never sounded this good before.



Just go my 360 pre amp back from Keith for the "reference" upgrade from "esp".  Again, after my initial listening it was more open and spacious.  If you have the esp but not the "esp/ref" I would recommend the upgrade since it will probably be the final upgrade for this pre amp.

That's correct. Keith told me it's his last line stage revision.

For those that haven't seen this, here's a great, recent interview from Keith's home:

Keith Herron Interview