Adding a sub. - can i start with one?

I’m pretty happy with my setup I’ve assembled over the past year. However I feel I am missing some oomph and I find I am turning up the volume a lot. My space is big (converted barn) with 18 ft vaulted ceilings and about 700 sq ft of space with hardwood floors and minimal soft furniture. 

So I am thinking adding a sub woofer will help increase the bass and maybe give me more of the kick in the sound I’m used to in my old room and prior older speakers and amp. 

I’ve read that most people add 2 subs to a system instead of one. I’d prefer to spend the 2500 per side over time and just get one for now. What’s the thinking on one channel sub vs two and can I consider going from 1 to 2 later on as another upgrade?


Two subwoofers is recommended for a normal size listening room.  The room the OP described appears to be an entire building.  I wonder if he should be thinking of eventually having 3 or 4 subs for this space?

yes this was my reaction to op's info as well

If you can swing it, two would be better.  I would only consider buying REL's.  Their high-level connection is incredible.  My friend had a single SVS and the sound quality was not as good as my REL's.

Yes, but two is almost always better.  And IME not just for larger rooms.  My room is on the small side and I have no single space that is best.  100Hz null here, 60 Hz null there.  Two (or more) subs in different locations helps smooth out the overall response.

If you do start with one, choose wisely in the sense that the make/model you choose now should be new enough in the lineup that it will still be available if/when you go to add the second one.  Not that you can't integrate non-matching subs, but it's much easier to integrate two of the same.

In my limited experience, the best placement for a single sub is right in the middle between the speakers, not in one of the corners. I am aware that REL recommends the single sub to be placed in the corner of the room but I don’t follow. (I have the S/510)