adding active cross over to my system

I am exploring adding active crossover to my system and I wondered what you would suggest for the 2nd amp. Should I apply the J2 to the Woofer or the midrange?

Any suggestion for speakers? Would it make sense to consider custom or DIY speakers?

I listen primarily to chamber music at low volumes at a range of 6 to 10 feet. I want to expand the frequency range of my system to play symphonic music

Toshiba w Jriver
Wyred 4 Sound DAC
Warpspeed Preamp
First Watt J2
Hornshoppe Horn
Balance Power Technology Conditioner
Hello Prcinka
Thank you.
What crossover would you recommend?

I was thinking the First Watt B4 would be versatile but I don't know about the sound quality.
If you're set on a separate Hi/Lo pass filter and amp, the Dahlquist DQ-LP1 is an excellent unit. The Hi-Pass circuit consists of only one capacitor(as high a quality as you choose to employ), chosen based on the input impedance of the power amp. Be certain to find one with the manual
included, as it contains the instructions/chart for figuring out the value of the cap. The RCA ins/outs were pretty cheesy, but- can be easily replaced with WBT connectors. Dahlquist is no longer in business, but- the guys that worked there have another company(Ragnar) and still support
their designs. ( They can be hard to find, in great shape, but- worth the effort. ie: ( or (
First Watt is good choice....other unit would be older ML units or Bryston in still analog and affordable category....