Additional armwand for Graham Phantom?

I have a Phantom II and have considered a second armwand for a mono cartridge, but was concerned removing and re-installing the armwand would throw off the meticulous cartridge alignment I did with a Mint LP Best Tractor. It took me hours to get it right. I know I could test this myself by removing and re-installing my armwand, and then check the alignment with the custom made Tractor. But I'm wondering what other Phantom owners think about this. Does an armwand go on and off precisely enough that there would be no change in geometry?
The arms fit with high repeatable precision thus geometry will stay the same. However, clearly you will still have to adjust VTF, VTA and azimuth for the other cartridge.
Once you get the settings right you got all the information you need. I keep a journal record for VTF and VTA settings for the three separate wand/cartridge combinations I have. Repeating those differenting settings is very easy on the Phantom. Azimuth takes an eyeball check, but it is generally right. Have fun, the Phantom loves a wide variety of cartridges.
You do indeed have to be very careful in swapping tonearm wands because there is "rotational play" in the armwand with respect to the keying mechanism on the threaded base.

The threads are cut precisely but the keyway has enough play in it so that azimuth is clearly affected. The bottom line is that I wish Bob had been able to design the keying level of fit better so that you don't have to be concerned about azimuth being off when you swap armwands.

I don't swap armwands much because of this. You can verify this by installing the armwand and leaving the knurled knob slightly loose. At this point you can still rotate the wand a few degrees in either direction. Once you have the wand aligned fairly close, you can then tighten it. I don't like to see the arm base tilted to one side by using the azimuth adjustment screw to set azimuth. I prefer to use it only to finetune azimuth ever so slightly.
Thanks for the responses. It sounds like cartridge alignment should stay consistent taking an armwand off and on, but azimuth might not. This might not be too much of a concern for me since I haven’t yet worked very hard at dialing in azimuth. The most convenient route would be a second arm. I have one, purchased on Audiogon pre-owned that I've never used, but I'm pretty sure it’s in working order. But getting an arm base for my table would be a problem. So a second armwand is an option but I’ve thought resetting VTF and VTA each time I want to listen to a mono record with a mono cart would get tedious. Regarding azimuth, I’ve never felt confident about setting it by ear until I read this:

Once my turntable is back to operable (I’m currently without a power supply for the motor), I’m looking forward to trying this azimuth setting method.