additional processing and customs charges on goldring 1006 or nagaoka mp150

Im considering purchasing the goldring 1006 or nagaoka mp150 on ebay.  Both indicate additional international processing and custom charges.  Does anyone know about  what this additional cost maybe?  Also any thoughts on both of these cartridges.  Looking to purchase for my pioneer plx1000.  My understanding is that the ortofon 2m blue is nice option as well but on my table could be a real pain to mount.

Appreciate your thoughts.
United States has some of the lowest duty rates in the world. Consumer electronics is less than 3%. I never got charged for anything under $500, or so. But did get charged for items closer to $1000 and above. For example, there was a fee of $100 on a $5000 audio purchase. You have nothing to worry about. The world surely takes advantage of this. 

Speaking of MC cartridges. Some people do prefer them and it's fine. But just note, no MC cartridge sounds like tape. If you want that master tape sound, it has to be MM/MI. 

The best cartridges built today are Ortofon 2M Black, Audio Technica VM760SLC, and Nagaoka MP-500. 

There's nothing wrong with aluminum pipe cantilevers. Some of the best cartridges ever made used aluminum pipes. I sonically prefer them to boron rods. Rods always add coloration that's not on the original tape. Same applies for ruby, sapphire, diamond, etc. 

Boron pipes are the best. But they might as well be unobtainium today. Resonance character of a pipe gets the sound right IMO. 

You guys are great, appreciate all your input.  I did contact LP gear and they suggested the Technica VM750 and Vessel A35V and never commented on the Nagaoka or goldring I was interested in.  It seems distributors will sell what they have in stock.  Anyhow.
Price wise Im leaning toward to Nagaoka MP-150 , goldring 1006 ($250-350) for my pioneer plx1000 , had considered the Ortofon 2m blue but was told its a bear to mount on my table.  But Im open to suggestions and would appreciate any other experience with either or perhaps  consider one not too much more costly.  As all these responses have noted there a many elements that one needs to take into account.  For example was thinking of the Soundsmith Otello which is an MI cart and luckily didn't proceed because its output is too low for the MM on my preamp even though its commented as a high output .  My preamp MM requires min 3mv/45k ohm and the MC requires low output and low impedence 0.2mV/2-100 ohm.  thanks again in advance.
PLX1000 is a nearly identical copy of Technics SL-1200MKII. I could mount the 2M Blue on it blindfolded.

Screws go right into the threaded Ortofon body. With Nagaoka, you’ll have to mess with nuts.

For a quick and dirty job, use the provided protractor to set overhang. Cartridge should remain straight in the headshell.

Sticking with the big boys like Ortofon and Audio Technica is a very good idea.
Do you know what the mass of that tonearm is? It’s not listed on the specs. You will need to know that before choosing a cartridge . You want arm and cartridge compatibility!
could not find the spec either.  I called pioneer and they indicated it was a medium mass.  May try again.  Didn't really tell me much thought