Addpowr coherence sale.

After realizing that my new power conditioner I had just purchased doesn’t have enough outlets for some miscellaneous components. I remembered a thread a few weeks back about the ADDPOWR Powr bar. Today I called Bill up and inquired about getting one. On a lark as I was talking to him and filling out the online form I noticed that there was a coupon code and I asked him do you have a coupon code. To my surprise he gave me one and it took at least 60% off the price. And what’s nice as I was looking at my emails and it’s already shipped at the post office. I was so excited about the discount that as I was talking to Bill, I told him I am going to be compelled to get on audiogon and get the word out about this crazy sale he is having. He was happy that I was going to do this, and I am more than happy to do it for him. Thanks for allowing me to brag on a manufacture. Hope some people can get some use out of this one


So I can can call and get a coupon code?  Or are they online somewhere?


@jzzmusician I was able to get the coupon code by asking Bill directly for one while I was on the phone filling out the form online and talking to him on the phone at the same time. I don’t believe it’s online, I do believe he sent it out in an email.